March 27, 2010

March 27

Our crazy robin is back again this year. It sits and pecks at the window or flies into it. He does it with the front window and two of the bedroom windows that don't have screens on them. He gets the windows all dirty and poops on our sills. It is very annoying.

Family Fun Night

It was family fun night at school to raise money for new playground equipment. We ate and the kids took off with their friends. Gabrielle did the one thing I hoped she wouldn't, crazy hair. You can't tell from the picture but it full of glitter.

March 21

We had to be in Edina at 7:30 am today. Our girls were the only ones who won their two games yesterday that had to play a third game today to move on. They ended up losing by one point leaving them in 5th place.

March 20

North Dale played in the MYAS state rec. tournament. We had to be in Edina at 8:30 am. They played two games, one at 9:00, one at 11:20. They won their first game by 1 point. Second game they won by 9 points.

March 18

Our last day. We got up so we could eat breakfast and play lazer tag before we had to check out. After checking out we stayed at the water park until lunch and then decided to head home.

March 17

Gabrielle spent most of her time on the lazy river or in the hot tub but she did go down the water slides once in a while. Jake spent half his time in the lazy river and the other half on the water slides.

March 16

For spring break with went to Wisconsin Dells, we stayed at the Wilderness. There are three indoor water parks, two arcades, pottery, a candy store, mini-golf, laser tag. Klondike Kavern was the kids favorite water park so we spent most of our time there. Jake grabbed this two person tube because he thought it would be good for Gabrielle to ride down the water slide with dad. You can see one side didn't have a hole in the middle of the tube.

March 13

Tom and the kids made me a cake for my birthday. Tom started making it at 9:00 pm, there wasn't enough time for it to cool down before he frosted it so it's all melted. Gabrielle did the other decorating. I was surprised that Jake stayed around when the camera came out.

March 11, 2010

Parents vs. Kids

Jake's basketball team had a pizza party and then played the parents. Gabrielle played on the parents team. It turned out to be a free for all instead of a basketball game. The kids were getting way too rambunctious. Gabrielle has the ball and two kids were blocking her so dad tried to help her out.

March 10, 2010


Apparently temps in the low 40's means it's time to dress like it's summer. This is how she has dressed for gymnastics the last two weeks.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jake. We went to dinner at Chianti Grill. Jake had chocolate cake at the restaurant, came home, opened gifts and had more chocolate cake.

Birthday Prep

Jake and Gabrielle wanted to help make Jake's birthday cake so Gabrielle poured all the ingredients in the bowl and Jake wanted to mix it up.